Aristotle Website Redesign

Website redesign for political technology company, Aristotle International.

Role: Senior Marketing Designer
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, WordPress, PHP, SVGeezy.js, Skrollr.js, Parsley.js, JQVMap.js

The goal for this project was to redesign the main website to direct potential clients in Aristotle’s services in campaigns, advocacy, PACs, and data. 

The first step was working directly with the sales, data, and marketing teams to organize content for the site and determine how Aristotle’s products were tailored solutions for the customer’s needs.

The next steps included wireframing, design, and coding the site. During the development process, I created a custom WordPress theme, implemented it on the server, and managed the content.

The website can be viewed here.
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